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Machine tool construction and new technology
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This dictionary has been complied with the assistance of employees from different DANOBATGROUP cooperatives to respond to the needs and questions that arise when working in Basque.

It has been created mainly with terms collected from drawings for grinding machines, lathes, cutting and drilling machines, sheet metal processing technology and milling machines on the one hand, as well as terms used to define the grinding process, terms published by Danobat S. Coop. In Tailerreko Eskuliburu Teknikoa, and also terms from the Ideko S. Coop. for the health, aviation and railway sectors.

The dictionary is a work in-progress and will be occasionally updated with additional terms from other cooperatives in the group and terms that arise on a day-to-day basis.

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This dictionary was created by DANOBATGROUP member companies, who have contributed terms from their individual areas.

The DANOBATGROUP’s Basque Language Committee is responsible for this project.

Please address any queries or inquiries to: euskara (at) danobatgroup.com

EMUN hizkuntza zerbitzuak

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Images of grinders, lathes, cutting and drilling machines, sheet metal processing machines, and milling machines, with the name of each part on the machine. Terms bearing the following symbol link to an image where the term is indicated.

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